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 The prestigious brand is the globally Top 3 APV (Advanced Personal Vaporizer) mark best known for its waterproof, shockproof and dust-proof Aegis Boost with sales exceeding $300 million USD in 2019. stands for Quality, Intelligent, Speedy and In-depth understanding. Quality  adheres to one simple principle: "Quality or Nothing ". The Geekvape popular "three proof" function is the best prove of our quality.The  Quality Center uses advanced equipment, first-class management methods, and excellent industry literacy to improve the core competitiveness of our atomized products.We have also set up an advanced, professional and authoritative certification testing center since 2003, named Kaibang Motor Certification and Testing Center. It has advanced testing capabilities and a variety of certifications after 16 years of development. Intelligent"An organization, no matter how well designed, is only as good as the people who live and work in it." We believe we have gathered the most intelligent minds throughout the vaping industry. At present, has more than 300 full-time R&D personnel. We have introduced internationally advanced process design methods in our R&D design process. The process design was determined through "five parties of proposal, three-tiers of argument, four stages of review" to formulate and demonstrate technology development and transformation plans. Also, we have added "double confirmations" in the R&D design process to actively achieve technological advancement and maximize customer's needs.Speedy  has invested four development centers, making sure your order can be processed within our own supply chain system. Speedy response, controllable cost and stable performance are guaranteed. From idea to production, we can work with you to achieve a minimum 21 days fast-track collaboration.In-depth understanding has also cooperated with several scientific research institutions since 2017. Research areas includes automated production and equipment, new material research, optimization and improvement of atomization technology. Additionally, talent exchanges and intellectual communication programs are conducted annually. We have also cooperated with industry associations to help building industry standards and gain a deeper understanding of vaping industry.

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